Coconut tree is a tree of the palm family. It is one of tree which live in tropical countries. Coconut tree is tall palm tree bearing coconut as fruit. Cocos nucifera is binomial name of its.
Coconut tree can grow up to 30m hight. They have a single cylindrical trunk. At the top of the trunk there is pinnate leaves. They about 3 to 4 m long and the pinnate 60 to 90 cm long. The fruit of coconut tree is coconut. It is oval and the diametre is about 30 cm long. It has thick husk and a hard shell. Inside the shell there is white meat and sweet liquid.
Coconut tree ussully grow in the lowland. It is easy to grow because it is not need special care. Coconut tree can survive until few years. Coconut tree is different with other tree becauseit is multifunction.
Coconut tree is very usefull plants. We can use every part of the tree in our lives. The white meat can make in to copra by dry it. Then the people can get oil from it and use in daily cooking. Beside copra the meat also can make soap, candles and use it in culinary. The trunk is use to built houses. Sometimes there is people who use the leaves as roof and the people in Indonesia ussully use it to make “ketupat”. People also can make rope, doormats, and from the coconut’s husk. Because coconut tree is very usefull so it use as scout symbol



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