Contoh Text Drama Bahasa Inggris


Poor And Rich Man


In the cities of Junra and Kyungsang located on the border of choong chung with nice scenery, there live a kind poorman and a mean richman.

  1. The poorman is chased out onto the streets.

Hungbu : oh im hungry

HW : hungry ~~~

RMW : honey do something about them .

RM : you want to eat to eat?you want to eat?

RMW : you guys just aren’t at our level.

RM : let’s make some pancakes at home (PM and PMW are being pushed )

RMW : hey one of you can at this.

PM & PMW (come closer)

RMW : i dont want ~~~ lalala “making”

(succes in chasing the poor couple away)

The poorman’s stomach has touched his back. He goes to beg the richman for just one meal.

PM : sister in law.

RMW : why?

PM : could you at least give me your left over?

RMW : WHAAATTTT…!!?? oh my… this is so funny, i dont know

One sunny day, a swallow came to the poorman’s house. He was flying, dancing and playing happily

PMW : honey, the swallow hurts his legs

PM : tie his legs quickly

PM : are you okay? Can you fly?

SWL : *is healed* poor man, poor man’s wife, thank you so much..

PM : okay *smile*

SWL : Bye im off to the south now.

  1. The swallow comes back with a rose. After one year, the swallow went to the poorman’s house with something in its mouth.

PMW : im hungry ~~~

PM : me too..

PMW : oh my Godness honey! They swallow flew back here!

PM : hey , isnt this… the swallow that hurt his leg last year? It’s that swallow!

PMW : what are you doing here?

SWL : *give the rose for PMW*

PM : anyway what are this flower for, swallow?

SWL : a.. thank you.. present for healing my leg last time. Although it’s a bit small, but take it and rise it. I will go~

  1. The poor family grow the rose and cut the gourd that grew out of it. One year later, the rose turned is not gourd.

PM : the rose became a gourd. (they cut and soon it open, and all sorts of food pour out)

PMW : what kind of luck this?

PM : oh thank you swallow.

RM : (suddenly appear) tell me the truth i said tell me the truth tell me the truth.

How did you get that? What kind of situation is this?

  1. The mean and rich couple listened to the poorman’s story so they seduces the swallow.

RM : (kick the swallow’s leg) .

RMW : oh my, it hurts, we should heal it.

RM : i just touched him, i didnt know his leg would break.

  1. The rich couple also open the large gourd.

RMW : we will definetly get more food than the poorman did.

  1. The goblin appear.

Goblin : I was extremly angered by your greedness, so i came here to punish you.

RM : i will never do it again

Goblin : i will hold you to your promise

R couple : lets away



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